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Bottle of Pau Maui vodka with our farm vanilla beans being extracted and changing color from clear to rich red brown.

Pau Maui vodka provides a quality  spirit for our special vanilla extract.


We call our vanilla extracts 'special' because of the extraordinary care we take at each step of growing and processing the beans.

~ The orchid vines are naturally grown 

~ Irrigation is pure Hawaiian rainfall.

~ Blooms are pollinated everyday by hand.

~ Vanilla beans are ripened to perfection.

~ Sun curing is a 6 months long process.

~  Extraction lasts minimum of 10 months. 

~ Gluten~free in Maui vodka and OG rum.

Beautiful bottle of clear, organic  Kula Rum with Farm blue sky and green plants behind it.

Our vanilla extracts made with Maui's Organic Kula Rum have a rich flavor with a faint hint of rum.

We offer 1/2 oz and 4 oz bottles of Special Vanilla Extract made 100% on Maui! Hand pollinated, grown and handled with exceptional care, these fine vanilla extracts contain a complex of 130 constituents found in the vanilla bean. Made with Maui's own spirits distilled from pineapples or Organic Kula Rum from sugarcane, these extracts are sure to find a beloved spot on your kitchen shelf. Direct from the farm to you!

The 1/2 oz bottle has a European dropper top to make it neat to add single drop at a time.

The 4 oz bottle is referred to as the "Chef size"; intended for those who are more experienced with the use of vanilla extract in their cooking.​Chef size artisanal Special Vanilla Extract: when you have a lot of special projects and don't want to run out!

Single Fold and Double Fold:

Single Fold meets the USDA required minimum standard of 13.35 oz vanilla beans per gallon of pure vanilla extract. This standard is set by the USDA and is the basis for the vast majority of vanilla extract sold in the US unless the container specifies double fold which indicates 27 oz minimum of vanilla beans per gal of extract medium.


Double fold is much stronger than single fold.

If you see an "Out Of Stock" message on any of the bottle options that you would like, click on the bottle to get an email when the item is back in stock.

Use and Care

Use as you would any vanilla extract, but notice the difference. Some customers have remarked that they use less since it is so flavorful.

Store in a cool dark place for best quality. Can be stored for a year or more, but has no real expiration date. 

Beautiful view of protected Kipahulu Valley mountains where no human are allowed.
Antique map of Maui showing topographic aspects and SE location of Maui Vanilla Company in Kipahulu.

 Kipahulu Valley motto: "Don't try to change Kipahulu, Let Kipahulu change you!"

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