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Indulge your senses with a 4 oz Chef size artisanal special vanilla extract, "Twice the beans, thrice as nice"! Something special happens when almost 2 pounds of vanilla beans are distilled into a gallon of quality vodka. Our rich extractsd are made 100% on Maui. Vanilla orchids are grown, pollinated, harvested and fermented with care to create this fine vanilla extract containing a complex of 130 constituents! Made with Maui's own award winning spirit distilled from pineapples, this extract is sure to find a beloved spot on your kitchen shelf. Direct from the farm to you!

Vanilla in Maui Vodka 4 oz, double fold

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$327.25Sale Price
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  • Use as you would any vanilla extract, but notice the difference. Some customers have remarked that they use less since it is so flavorful.

    Store in a cool dark place for best quality. Can be stored for a year or more, and has no real expiration date. 

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