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This Vanilla in OG Maui Rum is a farm-to-table product of extraordinary quality. It is double fold, meaning it packs a punch of flavor with almost 2 pounds of beans per gallon. It is sure to bring a unique and delicious depth to any of your favorite recipes. Enjoy the smooth and rich aromatics of this Vanilla in OG Maui Rum, crafted with the highest-quality ingredients. It is certainly an extraordinary addition to your pantry. The double fold is rich and creamy, made with twice the beans for an intense flavor. It's the perfect way to elevate any recipe and add a touch of island flair. Enjoy farm to table  quality of Maui Vanilla Company's Vanilla in Maui OG Rum! Made with:

Vanilla in OG Maui Rum double fold, 1/2 oz dropper bottle

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