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Visitors, chefs and wildlife alike all love
our pure and natural
Maui Grown/Maui Made
Special Vanilla Extracts

Maui Vanilla Company is located on the Southeastern slope of Haleakala on the island of Maui, Kipahulu, Hawaii. We are a family-run farm dedicated to growing the highest quality vanilla beans.










We practice regenerative farming to promote soil health and biodiversity, while also providing a more flavorful and aromatic vanilla. We proudly present our quality extract using Maui spirits: Maui's own award winning gluten free Pau Maui Vodka made from pineapples, and Organic Kula Rum from sugarcane.  Upon request we will soon be adding an alcohol free extract from coconut glycerin!

The Hana District is recognized as an ideal place to grow vanilla with frequent gentle rain showers followed by brilliant sunshine.  As a result, our farm's terroir has produced some of the highest quality vanilla beans.










Our beans are meticulously harvested, dried and cured with our very own special process to bring out their full rich flavor. We are passionate about sharing the unique and delicious taste of our vanilla with the world. Try some today and see for yourself why Maui Vanilla Company is your go-to source for premium vanilla extract.

View from Maui Vanilla Company's farm
vanilla pods and beans
map of Maui vanilla farm
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